ResiliencyA. Resiliency isconsidered to be an important fact

ResiliencyA. Resiliency isconsidered to be an important factor for children. List three factorsthat are known to promote resiliency in children, and explain why thesefactors are important to a child’s development.B. Sam is a 20-year-old college studentwho struggles with school, relationships, and keeping a job. Whensomething bad happens, such as when Sam loses a job or if he fails aclass, he becomes depressed and is unable to recover for long periods oftime. He frequently moves back in with his Mom and five youngerbrothers. Sam has also been diagnosed as below average intelligence, buthe is capable of succeeding in college if he works very hard. What theorist (Erikson, Piaget, or Vygotsky) do you think best explains Sam, and why?Do you believe nature or nurture has more of an impact on Sam, and why?

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