Research Assignment&nbspWhen Will We Run Out of Oil?Oil resou

Research Assignment: When Will We Run Out of Oil?Oil resources are limited. It is really not a question of if we will someday run out of oil, it is a question of when we will run out of oil. However, predicting when that day will be is controversial, even among oil experts.Do some research on current predictions for how much longer our oil supplies will last. A good Internet keyword search could be ‘how long will our oil supply last?’ Here are two good articles to read for your research:An article in Popular MechanicsAn article from the Environmental Literacy CouncilAfter doing your research, put together a written report, recorded podcast, or pamphlet to answer the following questions:Why are oil supplies limited?How long would it take for nature to make more oil if we ran out of our current supply?What are some of the predictions for how much longer our oil will last?Why are predictions about the future of oil supplies uncertain and controversial, and what types of events affect future oil supplies?

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