Rephrase my answers (ASAP)

 1. Your reasons for selecting (blank) University.

The reason I am selecting to pursue my master degree at (blank) University is because of the experience I’ve had thus far from being an undergrad student at Barry. I have first hand experience to know with great confidence that (blank) University is were I belong. I have built great relationships with my teammates (blank university women soccer), classmates, professors, staff members, and adviser. The professors I’ve had the opportunity to be with, have inspired me to continue my education and become a sport psychologist. 

 2. Your professional plans upon completion of your degree. 

After completing my masters degree, I plan to continue studying in Barry University and pursue my doctorate degree as well.  Once I’m done with my degree, I want to own a private practice. With this practice I plan on helping athletes (specially soccer players),develop both physically and mentally by providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge on how to work with their mental side of the game in order to improve their performance. I currently train soccer players privately and in small groups. My career goal is to build an indoor soccer facility, where I will also have my private practice for sport psychology, and be able to help soccer players become well rounded athletes one session at a time. I want to break the glass ceiling for women in soccer and prove that women are just as capable as men to play and coach soccer.

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