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Rene Magritte Research Assignment:Research Assignment:  Solve A Mystery!Examine Rene Magritte’s life and discover thefollowing:What was Renee Magritte’s mother’s name?What was his father’s occupation?How many siblings did Magritte have?  What were their names?Was Rene Magritte the youngest or the oldest child?  Which sibling was did he feel closest toemotionally?When Magritte was a child, what once landed on the roof ofhis house and later appeared as a symbol in some of his art works?  Who was ‘Fantomas?’ Where did young Magritte discover Fantomas?  What symbol did he later use in his work asan artist to represent Fantomas?When Rene was a teenager, what happened to his mother?  What role did water play in this? What was unusual about the condition of her body when it wasrecovered?How do you feel that this event influenced the symbolism insome of Magritte’s later art works (i.e. Who do you think was represented bythe symbol of a bird?  What did thesymbol of three eggs in a nest stand for? Why did Magritte divide many of his images of women in some way?  Why did he sometimes hide their faces?)?Who did Magritte marry? When did he first meet her?  How was Magritte’s wife significant to his images of women?  Why do most of the women in his paintingslook like his wife?Where did Magritte have to work for a while as a youngmarried man to make enough money to support himself and his wife?Magritte eventually became very successful as an artist.  What museum in the United States held a hugeretrospective exhibition of Magritte’s work in the 1960’s while he was stillalive?(1)Art Analysis Creative Assignment Choices:Analyze the painting Black Magic (above).  Who do you think the woman represents?Why is she painted two different colors?What do you think the color blue (on the top of her body)symbolizes?Why is the woman turned away from the viewer?What is the significance of the water?Why do you think Magritte placed a ledge between the womanand the water below?  What do you thinkthat represents?Why would Magritte create divided images of women?  Explain.______________________________________________________________________________(2)Art Analysis Creative Assignment Choices:Who do you think the couple on the left represents?  Why?  How do faces covered with cloth symbolize the tragedy fromMagritte’s childhood?  What othermeanings could they have? The woman in the white dress bears a strong resemblance toold photographs of Magritte’s mother. How could the symbols in the painting indicate that this might beAdeline Regine Magritte?Why do you think Magritte covered her face with a bouquet ofviolets?  What do you think the flowersrepresent?______________________________________________________________________________

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