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Reading Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, David.

    Reading: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, David. W. Blight, Ed.Questions:1.People in the North frequently misunderstood the significance of slave songs. What was the “great mistake” that was pointed out in the Narratives by Frederick Douglass?(1)2.What happened to people who murdered slaves? Give an example from Frederick Douglass’s account.(1)3.Why did Frederick Douglass, sometimes, “feel that learning to read had been a curse rather than a blessing”?(1)4. Frederick Douglass stated, “I should regard being the slave of a religious master the greatest calamity that could befall me”. What did he mean by that statement?(1)5. Why did Frederick Douglass disapprove of the manner in which the Underground Railroad was conducted?(1)6. Outline and discuss the many ironies that Frederick Douglass pointed out regarding how slave holding Christians practiced their religion.(3)7.“What to the slave is the fourth of July?”–Speech delivered by Frederick Douglass on July 5, 1852:(2a.What were the main points that he tried to get across to his audience?b. Discuss his views on the difference between the role of religion inEngland and in America.c.What were his views on the Declaration of Independence?

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