read three articles and write a 5 pages essay

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Please first read Chuck Klosterman’s article “Electric Funeral”, Peter Singer’s “Visible Man” and google some informations about Julian Assange’s personal experience. For the two articles I have the e version of those two articles on the Bookshelf website. The account is ( and password is (Dd1234567890!). Bookshelf please read the article before writing. Please wrrite in proper MLA format and wrrite 5 full pages and on the sixth page. The essay question is “To what extent is the internet changing or threatening the world’s social and political values?” And please answer those three questions in the essay1. “What is your view of Julian Assange? do you feel he is hurting the world, helping the world, or both?” 2. “What does each person we are discussing (Klosterman, Singer, or their examples) value? Is social media threatening or supporting those values? What do you value?” 3.”To what extent does social media threatenthe ability for the government to control or rule a nation’s people? How much is this good for the people and how much is it bad for the people”


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