QUESTION 1Kayla is building a rectangular garden in her back

QUESTION 1Kayla is building a rectangular garden in her backyard and is planning out the design on a coordinate plane where each unit represents 1 foot. The vertices of the garden are (3, 6), (3, 9), (8, 9) and (8, 6). She needs to figure out the area of her garden in order to decide how much soil to buy. What is the area of her garden in square feet? Show your work.QUESTION 2A map of a town is drawn on a coordinate grid where each unit represents a mile. The middle school is located at (3, –8). Marcy’s house is at (3, 2) and Henry’s house is at (8, –8). Does Marcy or Henry live closer to the school? Justify your answer and show any calculations used.QUESTION 3A point is translated 2 units right and 5 units down on the coordinate plane. How will this affect thex- andy-coordinates of the point?QUESTION 4TriangleABCis rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise about pointPto create triangleA’B’C’. How far willC’ be from pointP? Justify your answer. QUESTION 5Which quadrant of a coordinate plane will a point will be located in if itsx-coordinate is positive and itsy-coordinate is negative? Justify your answer.QUESTION 6Look at quadrilateralPQRSand its scaled imageP’Q’R’S’. What scale factor was used for the scaled image? Explain how you determined this. QUESTION 7The triangles shown are similar. Write a proportion that could be used to determine the missing length. Explain why you set up your proportion the way that you did. QUESTION 8Explain how you can predict whether the product ofis less than or more than 5. Then calculate the product.

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