Question 1Describeand discuss&nbspwhatcultural issues may impac

Question 1Describeand discuss whatcultural issues may impact on you as an ICT professional if your organisationmerges with another. Try to think deeply about some of the possible impacts onyou and your career path that could result from an organisation merger orrestructure.Write100-200 words in answer to this.Question 2From your readings this week,especially in Part 3 of this week’s seminar, which framework are you going touse to analyse the scenarios in Assignment 1? Choose either MacDonald or White.Provide reasons to support why have you chosen this one.Write100-200 words to explain yourchoice. There is no need for discussion with your classmates of thisquestion.Question 3You are faced with a situationyou feel may be unethical. How would you set about analysing the situation?Think carefully about the ethical analysis process, not the potential ethicaldilemma. That is to say, try not to get caught up in developing and describinga scenario that is unethical. Rather, your focus is on the procedural aspectof dealing with a situation you feel may be unethical.What questions do you need to askyourself to determine whether this is an unethical situation? What facts ordata do you need to consider and why? What, or who – might help you in youranalysis? Use the Ethical Framework provided by White’s 3-step method to frameyour responses to Question 3.Write150-250 words, to answer this question.If youwish, choose a specific example of an unethical situation; either fictional, orthat you have actually experienced. Discuss with your classmates thedifferent approaches you each have taken and try to explain why there aredifferences, but once again, try not to get caught up in describing everydetail of the situation but instead get to the heart of what makes itunethical, unprofessional or possibly risky in the context of the professionalworkplace.

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