Question 1Describe the characteristics of each software dev

Question 1:Describe the characteristics of each software development model:  V-model, waterfall and iterative models/frameworks and the key development stages or phases of each.Identify the key test levels with each model and the main goal(s) of each level. Incorporate details from section 2.2 into your analysis.Identify the pros and cons of each model.Identify how testing responsibilities and the role of the tester changes across the various development stages or phases.Provide an overview of how each model compares and contrasts to the other software development models.Make an overall recommendation of which model you believe would be more effective in a typical software development project. Provide justification for your recommendation.Essay should be at least 450, but not more than 600 words.Note : Need in separate document , No plagarism and need original work , with APA format and citations  referneces.Question 2 : DISS:Discuss the two stages of acceptance testing and discuss the pros and cons of each.(Select a topic below and post an original thread of 100 to 150 words each in this week’s discussion forum)Note : Need in separate document , No plagarism and need original work , with APA format and citations  referneces . (sud)

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