Python, 2 questions

Can you help me understand this Python question?

1. Create a PDF from only those pages that have some specific text:

Use the PDF: meetingminutes.pdf (Links to an external site.) to write a program that will create a PDF from only those pages that have the word: student

2. Brute-Force PDF Password Breaker: Say you have an encrypted PDF file: encrypted.pd (Links to an external site.)f (Links to an external site.) that you have forgotten the password to, but you remember it was a single English word.

  • Write a program that will decrypt the PDF by trying every possible English word until it finds one that works.
  • Download the text file dictionary.txt (Links to an external site.), this dictionary file contains over 44,000 English words with one word per line.
    • Using the file-reading skills you learned, create a list of word strings by reading this file.
    • Then loop over each word in this list, passing it to the decrypt() method.
    • If this method returns the integer 0, the password was wrong and your program should continue to the next password.
    • If decrypt() returns 1, then your program should break out of the loop and print the hacked password.
    • You should try both the uppercase and lowercase form of each word. (Going through all 88,000 uppercase and lowercase words from the dictionary file may take a couple of minutes)


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