Psychology : Essay-based article for The Psychologist


For this assignment you are required to choose a counselling or psychotherapeutic framework and to write about how this has been used in an applied way or setting. In doing so, you must present research or literature that substantiates your argument. 

Choose one from the topics given below:  The use of attachment-based psychotherapy for children in residential care
  The use of humanistic approaches in coaching
  The use of cognitive behavioural approaches for counselling in prison settings
  You must write your piece as an article for the British Psychological Society magazine. You can access examples online here:
  For this assignment, you are encouraged to be creative. Although you will inevitably write in continuous prose, you can communicate the information that you write about in several ways – for example, figures, tables, pictures or ‘key points’ boxes.
  What you should include:
  A comprehensive structure to your article, i.e. an opening/introduction, main body and conclusion.
  An overview of the counselling or psychotherapeutic framework of choice
  An overview of your applied setting of choice 

      An exploration of how your chosen framework has been applied to this setting, and a critical evaluative approach to this.
  A line of argument that allows you to meet the 3rd and 4th learning outcomes, which are to demonstrate your understanding of your chosen framework and to critically evaluate its use in applied settings.
  Full references for all ideas, thinking and work that is not your own, both in terms of in-text citations and a full refere section at the end of your article. This does not form part of the word count.
  Please use APA reference style and remember to reference all ideas that are not your own – please see
Word Count : 2000 Font : Times New Roman
 Referencing : APA Format

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