Psychology due in 6 hours

Application Assignment

Four page


Cognitive behavioral therapy

Describe the history of the problem (when and how it developed), how it has affected the individual’s life, and how they’ve tried to cope with this problem. Use one of the counseling theories taught in this course to answer the following questions:

___ / 5  Description of the problem (about 1 page).

___ / 10 From the perspective of the counseling theory you have chosen, how would you conceptualize the problem (about 1 page)?

___ / 10  Imagine that you were to provide counseling to this individual using this theory. What would be the goals of therapy and what techniques would you use to achieve the goals? Give examples about how you would visualize the techniques being used with the client and be as specific as possible (about 1-1.5 pages).

___ / 10  What are the limitations of this theory in addressing the problem? How might another counseling theory address these limitations (about 1 page)?

___ / 5 Organization & Conventions (see rubric for assignment #1 for specific tips) Paper flows easily; smooth transitions Strong introduction and conclusion Grammar, usage, and mechanics as appropriate for assignment (avoid contractions, “you,” and colloquial language) Okay to use heading/subheadings to denote each section Format: double-spaced, Times Roman 12 point font, 1” margins. Maximum: 5 pages

___ / 40  Total

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