Psychology Draft Proposal

Instructions: Please type your responses in the text boxes provided.  

This Draft Proposal Worksheet 

Title of Research Proposal:      

1. Literature Review (this information will be included in the Introduction section of your final proposal paper).

a. Importance of topic: Why is this topic important or interesting?      

b. Summary of research: List each source you will cite in your formal proposal.  Provide a brief (1-2 sentence) summary of each source.     

c. State your hypothesis:      

d. Provide operational definitions for all key terms in your hypothesis:      

2. Method (this section explains the details of your proposed experiment).

a. Identify your independent variable:      

b. Identify your dependent variable:      

c. How will you select your participants?      

d. How will you randomly assign participants to groups?      

e. Define the experimental group:      

f. Define the control group:      

g. How will you measure your dependent variable?      

h. How will you obtain informed consent?      

3. Results (this section discusses the numbers/variables you will compare).

a. What is your predicted outcome?      

4. Discussion (this section further explores your predicted outcome).

a. Briefly discuss any ethical concerns you have regarding your proposal:      

b. Briefly discuss any potential confounding variables:      

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