Psychology assignment, due in 2 hrs 11:30 pm


Written responses should be at least 1 full page, single-spaced, with care being taken to address all parts of questions.  Write your responses directly into this document, save, and submit via Blackboard by the deadline.

Read Chapter 2 

Address the following questions in your response paper:

1. One of the topics covered in the chapter on conformity has to do with the various ways in which we conform to situations. Pick a way in which you normally conform and commit an act of non-conformity. This act can be small, and should definitely not fall under the category of an illegal or immoral act (i.e., no streaking across the campus, don’t hurt anyone, etc.) In the past students have held an impromptu concert at a restaurant, walked backwards across campus, and sat down while using an elevator. Be creative and have fun with this. Once you’ve completed your act: 

a. Tell me about your act of non-conformity 

b. Why did you choose it? 

c. Did others notice you? How did you feel while taking part in this activity?

d. What do you think this tells us about conformity? How      does having an ally in non-conformity change behavior? How      does prior commitment influence conformity? Are      people with low or high self-esteem more likely to conform? Why? Are      there gender differences in conformity? What are they and why do they      occur? What      is the difference between the conformity pressure an ingroup and an      outgroup member induces? What      is the difference between informational pressure and social pressure? Distinguish      compliance, identification, and internalization from each other.

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