Psy -101 introduction to Psychology States of Consciousness


Review paper requirements in assignment tab and submit in the assignment tab.  Paper is on the structure of the brain, must be 4+ pages.  Submit through the assignment tab. Discuss the different lobes within the brain.  There are 4 lobes. Please refer to our text and other resources to support your research. Explain the purpose of the different lobes of the brain, give a description of what the function of this lobe does within othe brain. For example the frontal lobes and executive functioning.  Incorporate some aspects of biology, thinking and behaviors into your response. Offer examples to support your answer (pull aspects from the chapters we have discussed thus far) Discuss different impairments that can impact the brain (injuries, illness ect.) Discuss neurological activity within the lobes. Meaning what is happening in these lobes. Apply concepts of DEVELOPMENT to your paper.  Meaning, consider the chapter on human development and how our brains level throughout the lifespan OFFER PERSONAL CONNECTIONS TO YOUR PAPER. For example elements of the biology that are applicable to yourself.  For example, attention, intelligence, organization, athleticism, artistic, trauma Explain what is MEANT by PLASTICITY and tie this into some aspects of the developing brain Offer examples to support the functions of the brain. What kind of functions do these parts of the brain do? This paper pulls from chapter 2 and from other chapters, that support functions of the lobes and the way in which our senses work, our physical movement, our conscious thinking ect.

Make sure your paper has detailed descriptions, examples to support the concepts presented.  Make sure the paper is 5 to 6 pages in length and uses APA format.Please use 12 pt font and double space the paper.

Refer to the following website to support your writing style.  This is the Association Of Psychology Writing criteria

 Your paper should include: A title page Introduction Paragraphs fulfilling the body & requirements outlined in the description above. A conclusion A page citing any work

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