Projects in Industrial andEngineering Technology Spring 2016

Projects in Industrial andEngineering Technology Spring 2016 Bonus Project Exploring IBM WatsonAnalytics This is an optional project, notmandatory. This project is worth 100 points and your grade of this project willbe directly added to your total grade of this semester. This is an individual project. Nocollaboration is allowed. Please accept my invitation to sign up to IBM WatsonAnalytics. Your IBMid will be your SEMO email account. Introduction. “IBM WatsonAnalytics is an easy-to-use service for finding answers in your data on yourown without downloading software. A visualization and smart discovery solutionavailable on the cloud, it guides data exploration, automates predictiveanalytics and makes creating dashboards and infographics almost effortless.”(source: this project, I ask you toexplore an employee performance data set to analyze the major reasons ofemployee leavings and suggest ways to retain top talents. You can sign in onthe website: “EmployeePerformance data set”from Sample data to your personal folder. Instruction. You need towrite a report covering the following sections: 1.In the Prediction module, set“Attrition” as the target then generate results. Provide a snapshot of the result. (10 points) What arethe most three significant factors that influence attrition? (15 points) Whentwo or more factors are combined together, display at least one graph from theresults, provide the snapshot(s) (10 points). What further conclusion you wouldhave? (10 points) 2.In the Explore module, ask at least twoquestions. Provide snapshots of the results. What are the conclusions you canderive from the results? Your questions and answers should be related toemployee retention. (40 points) 3.Other than employee performance andretention, suggest at least one use of IBM Watson Analytics in projectmanagement. (10 points) Please use a word processor tocompile your report. There is no format requirement, but your reportorganization should be easy to follow and clearly cover the three sections discussedabove. (5 points)

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