Project&nbspThe Age of Antiquities CollageFirst,&nbspclick here&nbsp

Project: The Age of Antiquities CollageFirst, click here to download instructions on creating a collage. Now, begin thinking about ideas for your collage. The collage has to be about the regions and civilizations we’ve covered this semester.In addition to the collage, you will be composing a short essay. In the essay, tell why you selected the items.You will want to represent each of the following topics in your collage:Minoan civilizationGreek mythology, epics and theaterGreek city-states and governmentHellenistic kingdomsAncient Roman HistoryRome and ChristianityThe Roman RepublicThe Roman EmpireRome as a model for modern-day U.S.Your essay should be no longer than one page. Don’t forget to include a list of your sources.Use the Collage Rubric to make sure you’re on the right track. Click here to download the Collage Rubric.Double check your work. You may either scan the collage or take a digital picture of it. Submit the collage and the essay to your instructor.

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