project Research —– mindfulness communication


Using the model of social interdependence and experiential learning students will be given a topic pertaining to the different concepts of stress management and mindfulness that are covered within the course.

Format for Fast Fact Presentation

Research Submission – Each student will research a specific area in their selected topic and post their evidence based 4 facts on Canvas in both the discussion post and via the Fast Facts Submission Link.  Your four facts need to come from four different peer reviewed articles and journals, book chapters (Our class text books are not allowed), or a reputable website (.org, .gov or .edu) given approval by me before used.  You will therefore be finding FOUR different Research Studies.  For each study, you will talk about how it was conducted and your thoughts (Minimum of a page) – please make sure to use the following format:

Formatting: APA Format (Cover page, 1 inch margins, 12 pt Times New Roman font, double- spaced).


Information about the study and your thoughts (think annotated bibliography): USE YOUR OWN WORDS

Citation: APA (your research will earn a grade of “0” if you are missing citations)

Post/Reply – Each student will respond to 4 of their classmates’ facts (different topics from their own).  The response should include how you find the fact/facts of interest to you in your life or if you have any comments from your own experience.  When responding, please reference the fact/facts you are responding to and your response must be a minimum of 3 sentences or longer.

Presentation – Each individual will present their Fast Facts to their group during their presentation week.  A group discussion will follow the presentation to answer questions, give opinions and share knowledge and thoughts. Understanding the implications for diversity should be included in your presentation. 

Grade Breakdown

Fast Facts Research Submission: 12pts (3 points per fact/page)

Post/Reply to 4 Peers: 4pts

Presentation in Class: 4pts

Total: 20 points

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