Project Introduction In the course project, students will w

Project Introduction: In the course project, students will write an 8- to 10-page research paper on their chosen position statement. These pages do not include the cover page, reference page, and table of contents page.  Students are expected to choose a problem, justify their choice, analyze and explain three solutions for the problem, and reflect on how they will use critical and creative thinking to write this paper and find solutions to this problem.  Course Learning Objectives Tested: 1. Describe how creative thinking and critical thinking are applied to daily situations. 2. Evaluate the critical elements of a source document. 3. Critically analyze and summarize complex documents. 4. Participate in a collaborative writing process. 5. Synthesize information from multiple source documents. 6. Use primary and secondary research sources to support analysis. 7. Apply creative thinking to propose a set of solutions to a problem. 8. Apply critical thinking to select a viable and innovative solution to a problem or issue. 9. Create a research document intended to persuade an audience to support a position on an issue or a solution to a problem. 10. Critically evaluate peers’ work with respect to a standard rubric.  PROJECT SUBMISSION PLAN  Project Part Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation Criteria Project Part 1  Assessment Preparation Checklist: To prepare for this assessment:  Read Chapter 7, pp. 125–133 The Art of Thinking: A Guide to Critical and Creative Thought.  Go through the lessons of Modules 1, 2, and 3 and write The project rubric will be used to evaluate this assessment.   EN3220 Project   2   Project Part Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation Criteria down any points that catch your attention.  Brainstorm some ideas for what problem you want to discuss.  Write down what your thoughts on the chosen issue are. Make these as clear and direct as possible. Then, note at least 3–5 reasons why you hold this position. Choose the strongest three reasons to write about in the finished assignment.   Make an outline to help you stay organized when writing this assignment.  Title: Making a Position Statement One of the first steps in writing a long research paper is taking a stand on an issue or problem. Of course, it is true that in a purely informative paper, you will want to present both sides of an issue equally. In a persuasive paper, however, like this position paper for Project Part 1, you need to choose one side of an issue or problem and persuade the reader that your position is the best one.  In Project Part 1, you will articulate a position on the problem that you have been exploring since Module 2 or another topic off the list provided below:  Health, Food, and Global issues o Are there risks with genetically engineered foods?  o Is there a connection between poverty and obesity? o Is it socially responsible to market unhealthy food to children? o Obesity—genetic, environmental, emotional, or totally avoidable?   EN3220 Project   3   Project Part Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation Criteria o Food-borne illnesses/poisoning—how do we protect ourselves?  o Chemical pesticides—effect on our foods, our bodies. o Agricultural pollution—should we be concerned?  o Fossil fuels and global warming—is this really dangerous? What can be done to improve the situation? o Global food crisis—why are some not getting food? What can be done to improve the situation? o Animal rights/animal abuse—what place do animals have in our society? o Foreign aid—should the USA assist foreign countries financially or with food/commodities/medicine/medical care before they help their own? o Should society view addiction as a disease? o Drug rehabilitation programs in prisons o Should society be more or less sympathetic to drug addicts? Why? o Should cigarette smoking be banned?  Crime and Punishment o What are the best ways to address domestic violence? o Are there solutions for addressing gang violence? o Graffiti—when is it art? o Juvenile crime—should parents be held responsible? o Prisoners’ rights—should they have any? o Cybercrimes—how deep do cybercrimes run? How should one be cautious? Are there enough punishments for cyber stalkers? o Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?  EN3220 Project   4   Project Part Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation Criteria  Technology o Are cell phones dangerous? o The future of the Internet—are the experts right? Should we be worried? o Plagiarism and images—what constitutes responsible use or words and images? o Are social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace bad for those who use them? o The death of the American newspaper and/or magazines—is this something to mourn? o Does technology make life unnecessarily difficult? How much is too much?  Ideas and Government o How has the American Dream changed in the last 60 years (for better or for worse—take a side)? o Free speech—is it really free? o Is torture ever acceptable? o Do we have a throw-away society? o Who should help the homeless? o What should we do about the national debt? o Is anarchy good in theory? o USA’s role as world’s police—does this role exist? Is it working? Is it just? o The image of the USA has become negative. Do you agree with this statement?  Entertainment, Sports, Art, and Culture o Male-bashing on TV—are the roles in series such as King of Queens, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and others accurate portrayals of the man of the 21st century? EN3220 Project   5   Project Part Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation Criteria o Effects of the glorification of sex, violence, machismo, manipulation, or feminism. Narrow this down and focus on a genre of films or an HBO or Showtime miniseries. o Downloading music or movies from the Internet—when and where does it become illegal? o Tattoos or body piercings—cultural and ethnic issues  o Should there be federal funding for the arts? o Should the racing industry be forced to use biofuels? o Recreational hunting—a necessity or an ethical issue?  Family, Values, and Work o Should men get paternity leave from work? o Should there be a reduction in the marketing of violent toys, games, and entertainment to children? o Are beauty pageants exploitative? Should parents pressure their kids to participate? o Drug testing at work o Unfair policies/practices of a specific company o Sexual harassment in the workplace—is enough being done? In this four-paragraph paper of about 700 to 900 words you must include the following:  1. An APA formatted title page 2. A one-paragraph introduction that gives some context or background about the issue. First paragraph—introduction—should consist of your thesis, where you state your position as well as mention the three reasons that you have this viewpoint 3. Your reasons in at least one paragraph—for a total of three paragraphs here. You do not need to use sources for this EN3220 Project   6   Project Part Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation Criteria paper; and your support should be based on your own reasoning, not sources  4. A conclusion  Submission Requirements Format: Microsoft Word  Font: Arial, 12, double-spaced  Citation Style: APA  Due: Module 3 Grading Weight: 15% Project Part 2 Assessment Preparation Checklist:  To prepare for this assessment:  For Section 1, read Chapter 15, pp. 251–259 in The Art of Thinking: A Guide to Critical and Creative Thought.  Participate in the Module 6 discussion.  For Section 2, read Chapter 10, pp. 183–187 in The Art of Thinking: A Guide to Critical and Creative  Go through the lessons of Modules 4, 5, and 6. Write down any points that caught your attention.  Title: Final Draft—A Research Document There are two sections in this project:  Section 1: Drafting the Final Paper Section 2: Final Draft  In Section 1, you will build off some of the assignments you have done until Module 4, connect them, and put them into coherent The project rubric will be used to evaluate this assessment.  EN3220 Project   7   Project Part Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation Criteria essay form based on the topics that you have explored. You should use the following subject headings to help organize your paper: 1. APA title page 2. Introduction with thesis (position statement) and detailed description of problem  3. Definitions of all relevant terms for argument 4. Opposition summary in 2–3 paragraphs 5. Support for position with examples and explanation in 3–6 paragraphs or 1–2 paragraphs for each of your reasons for the position.  6. Analysis and explanation of three solutions  7. Detailed description of best solution  8. Reflection of how you used critical and creative thinking to write this paper and find solutions to this problem. Please avoid using first person while writing this paper.  9. Conclusion 10. Cite a minimum of three sources to support your position and solutions. This research paper would be 6–8 pages long. After your final draft is ready. Share it for peer review in Module 5.  In Section 2, implement the review comments provided by the peers and make necessary edits, revisions, and additions before submitting it to instructor for review.  Submission Requirements Format: Microsoft Word (8 to 10 pages) Font: Arial, 12, double-spaced  Citation Style: APA

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