Political Analysis: Sample or Census? Sample statistics or population parameter? Regression analysis?

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Two researchers are interested in exploring the circumstances under which poverty will decline. The first scholar has a hunch that democracies are more likely to carry out policies that reduce poverty—after all, she explains, to win power in a democracy politicians have to appeal to a wider range of voters and not just high-income groups. The other scholar has a hunch that poverty is likely to decline in any country that is experiencing economic growth. They decide to collaborate on a research project testing both of their theories, using an available dataset that includes all the countries in the world. Regime-type in this dataset is classified as either democratic, authoritarian, or semi-authoritarian.

a) Are they taking a sample or a census? Explain. 5 points

b) Will the summary numbers their research yields be sample statistics or population parameters? Explain. 5 points

c) The researchers would like to use regression analysis. Will this be appropriate? Explain. 5 points


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