Poetry Slam English 4

For this assessment , you will write a poem and, then, use your voice, sound, images to create a digital media presentation. The first step is to write your poem. The sky is the limit as far as form, topic, and theme are concerned. But your poem does have to showcase what you have learned about manipulating words and using poetic devices.

Step 1: Write Your Poem

Your final poem needs to:be at least 10 lines longfeature at least two instances of strong imageryincorporate at least three poetic devices of your choice:SimileMetaphorHyperboleOxymoronParadoxPersonificationAllusionRepetitionuse words with connotations that are appropriate to the theme of the poemexperiment with language by incorporating a word pattern

You can use these brainstorming questions to generate ideas before writing your poem.

Step 2: Reflection

Once you’ve completed your poem, take some time to reflect and analyze your own work.Highlight the required elements you’ve included in your poem in the TOASTT Graphic Organizer.Add your highlighted poem and a summative analysis of your work to the end of your presentation

Step 3: Presentation

Use your poem as the foundation for a digital media presentation. Be as creative and innovative as you can, just make sure your final presentation includes:a recording of your poemimages to accompany the poem

If you aren’t sure where to start, your instructor can suggest some Web 2.0 tools you can use to create your presentation.

Once your masterpiece is complete, submit it for grading. Make sure your presentation includes:a recording of your poemimages to accompany the poema copy of the poem with required elements highlightedthe summative analysis

Your work will be evaluated using the Poetry Slam rubric.

View a sample poetry presentation


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