Please review and understand the assignment. Master's level, APA FORMAT


Academic writing to summarize a literature review requires forethought and organizational skills. Very few scholar-practitioners produce only one draft of a paper, and most start with an outline to identify the points to include in the paper and the ordering of these points. Typically, outlines are revised during the process of writing.

During this assignment, you will practice using an outline format to list the major content areas that you plan to include in your Final Project and the subtopics within these. You will also practice organizing the order of these major content areas and subtopics within these. The purpose of this assignment is to develop a formal plan for your paper in the form of an outline and receive feedback from your instructor. Next week, you will have the option of revising the outline you submit to your instructor during this week’s assignment and resubmitting the rewrite next week.

To prepare for this Assignment: Review the Final Project instructions. Review your Final Project case study and focus subject choices. Review your scholarly references pertaining to the case study.

Submit by Day 7 a comprehensive outline that lists and explains the topics you intend to address in your Final Project, along with the way in which you plan to organize these topics. Use complete sentences and follow APA format for in-text reference citations and a reference list.

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