Please read the directiondo the following writing exercise i

Please read the directiondo the following writing exercise in your journal about your grandfather or a special teacher or a coach or someone you knew at church or at work.In the middle of the page, write a quick list of your chosen person’s main characteristics. Next, do 10 minutes of free writing about your person, referring to one or more of the characteristics on your list.Note:Free writing means you write freely about your person without stopping, without making corrections, without rewriting. For now, no need to worry about spelling! You don’t have to be organized. If you skip from one characteristic about your person to another characteristic and then another, that’s fine. Just keep writing and put down whatever comes to mind. If you remember a dialogue, you can scribble that into your free writing! Some writers actually set a kitchen timer and write as fast as they can until the bell rings.Conclude with a brief physical description of your character. (If you already included a physical description in your free writing then you are done!) Think of details that make your individual unique – hairstyle, glasses, eyes, eye brows, face, complexion, scars, way of walking and talking, clothing, hats, and so on.1 and half page

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