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Intervention Comparisons

There are a variety of substance abuse treatment interventions available. In this assignment, you will compare and contrast two such interventions.


, research substance abuse treatment interventions. Select 2–3 scholarly resources to reference in this assignment.

Select two substance abuse treatment interventions to examine in this assignment.

Write a 2- to 3-page paper in Word format, addressing the following: Describe the strengths and weaknesses of each selected substance abuse treatment intervention. Discuss specific types of substance abuse that would benefit from your selected interventions. Identify potential barriers to treatment. Make sure to include barriers that are both internal to the patient (such as motivation) and external to the patient (such as environment).

Make sure you integrate research from at least 2–3 scholarly sources to support your ideas.

Apply APA standards to cite the sources.

My two are MAT/medication assisted Treatment. Maintenance doses of medication like methadone and suboxone to assist with surpreasion of cravings. MAT along with regular therapeutic sessions, 12 step programs and modification of lifestyle. 

The second one is outpatient.  

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