Please do not accept if you do not understand the assignmen

Please do not accept if you do not understand the assignment orcannot meet the deadline:I need help with writing a memo 500 – 600 words to address thatthe company my firm is preparing an audit for does not have an explicit Code ofConduct written and there is no financial expert on the audit committee. We willneed to address the objectives below:In this assignment, you will work with the fact that RPC ‘s boarddoes not have an explicit Code of Conduct written. There is no financial experton the audit committee.Develop a memorandum which advisesRestorative Pharmaceutical Corporation’s(RPC) management on this fact regarding RPC and revealed to youby your senior auditmanager and firm partner, Scott Payne, CPA regarding the lack of a code of conduct and lack of a financialexpert on the audit committee. Draw your advisement from regulatoryrequirements (such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act), the Committee of SponsoringOrganizations Integrated Framework, and other relevant best practice.Objectives:Analyze the unqualifiedaudit report and identify the required circumstances and wording for themodification of the standard audit report.Analyze transactioncycles.Develop components of anaudit.Discuss the applicationof audit theory, GAAS, and a professional code of practice in conductingan audit.Explain audit review anddocumentation.Judge the levels of riskand create a final audit plan.Use team, problem-solvingskills and effective communication techniques to collaborate on aproject.Part 2:The student should identify the requirements of the SarbanesOxley Act of 2002 which require the inclusion of a financial expert and a Codeof Ethics for the company, specifically requirements of Sections 406 and 407.Link to Securities and Exchange Commission Web site:

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