Physicaland Motor Development in Young Adulthood&nbspDueSunday,

Physicaland Motor Development in Young Adulthood DueSunday, March 6, 2016 before 11:59 pm in the D2L Dropbox   This assignment has two parts:  an activity with a young adult and ascientific article review and analysis. There are no formatting requirements for the paper except these: · You should have a cover page withyour name, the name of your specific assignment (see title above), and the datethat you turn in the assignment. · You must use complete sentences andparagraphs in each part of the assignment. NO bullet points at all. · You should refer to the researcharticles by either the last names of the author and the year the article waspublished or by the title of the article. · I will supply one article that you mustinclude in your review and analysis. Youare responsible for finding two other related articles.  Youmust turn in a pdf copy of these other two articles with your paper. It does not matter to me if you completethe activity first or the review first, but please have the activitydescription as the first part of your paper and the review as the second partof your paper.  You may use headings todifferentiate the two parts from one another. Activity   You should select 1 young adult tohelp you with the activity.  The youngadult should be between 25 and 40 years of age. You should collect information about the young adult’s exact age andgender.  Additionally, you should findout how tall the young adult is and how much the young adult weighs.  The young adult should be able to give yougood estimates of this information if you cannot collect it on your own.  Then you will complete the followingactivities with the young adult. GrossMotor Skills: Do some games to compare your motor abilities to the young adult’s.  Please report both the young adult’s data andyour own for each activity.  If the youngadult cannot complete the activity, I still expect you to complete it andreport your data.   The first thing will be a standing longjump.  With the young adult standingstill, how far can they jump (in inches)? How far can you jump?   Set a short distance race (you may havethe race inside or outside—whichever is more convenient.  Have the young adult run first (and keep timein seconds—your cell phone probably has a stop watch.  Report how long it takes the young adult.  Then you run. How long does it take you to run the same distance?   Then have the young adult do jumpingjacks.  How many correct jumping jackscan they do in 1 minute?  How many youcan do in 1 minute?   FineMotor Skills: This will be a comparison of your fine motor skills to their fine motorskills.  Using chopsticks, how many smallobjects (such as cheerios) can the young adult and you pick up in 2 minutes andput into a bowl?  Please report how manyitems each of you was able to move during the 2 minute time period.   For the second fine motor test, which ofthe two of you is better in a game of slaps (hot hands)?  It doesn’t matter what scoring method youuse, but report the final score when you decided the game was over.     ActivityInterview:  Ask the young adult thefollowing questions: 1.  Are you involved in any sports? 2.  Doyou have a gym membership or a home gym? If so, how frequently do you use it? 3.  Doyou exercise after work or in your free time? Why or Why not? If so, what typeof activities do you enjoy? 4.  Doyou think physical activity is important for you?  How is it important or Why is it notimportant (depending on the answer to the first part of this question)? 5.  Howhas your physical condition changed since high school?  Do you consider yourself to be in better orworse shape?   When you type of your report of theactivity you completed, make sure to include as many details as possible abouthow you did the activities and the outcomes of each activity.  To conclude your description, discuss yourfeelings about the activities and the interview.  Did you learn anything that may change howyou view your own physical condition? Scientific ArticlesReview and Analysis   In this section, you will bedescribing 3 scientific research articles and then discussing the strengths andweaknesses of the articles and how each article has tied in to what we havediscussed in class, what you have learned from the activity, and your overallunderstanding of development.     I have given you a pdf copy of thefirst article that I wish you to read and summarize.  You need to find 2 more articles that discussa similar theme.  You can find thesearticles by looking through the reference section of the first article and thenby using the SFA Library Databases or Google Scholar to locate the pdf orfull-text of 2 articles that you think will be helpful.  You are also welcome to search the databaseson your own.  The main criterion are that you must find articles that are scientific(including a method and results section), not written for a general audience(like Parenting Magazine), and preferably, written in a style that you canunderstand most of it.  Please ask meif you are not sure the articles you have found fit the criteria.     Once you have found the articles,you should write a summary of each article. Make sure to include the goal of the researchers, the importance of theresearch, a basic description of the methods, and some of the main findingsfrom the article.  This summary should beat least a page long.  You will identifywhich article you are discussing by referring to either the last names of theauthor and the year the article was published or by the title of the article.  If you directly quote from the article but donot cite where the quote came from and the page number for the quote, you willnot receive any credit for that article!!! If you quote more than 2 sentences in your entire paper, then you willonly be able to earn up to a 50% for the activity portion of this paper!  You should make sure to write using your ownwords, rather than just quoting from the articles because your own words showyour understanding of the article much more than quotations do.   After completing the summaries, youshould include several paragraphs about the implications of the articles andhow the research ties together with the activity that you completed.  In this part of your paper, you can discuss theresearch ideas. Are they good ideas?  Doyou see any flaws or aspects that they overlooked?  You can also connect the principles in thearticle to principles from our class/textbook. How are they related?  Do theyconflict or do they reinforce the ideas that you have already learned?  Finally, you can discuss your feelings aboutthe article itself.  Did the articleinterest you?  Is it related to anythingin your life?  Does any of the researchchange how you view the study of development? Does the research affect how you view the activity that you completedearlier?  No reference page is needed.

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