PCN-435 Module 8 DQ 2

Topic: Case Study

The following is a generic case study. Apply this case to any one group of your choice.

The client presents with concerns regarding alcohol and marijuana use. The client reports an increase in use, over the past year, to daily use. The client’s social support system has changed from a culture of origin and bicultural life to one primarily influenced by partying. The client’s finances are dwindling, and the client’s partner is threatening to leave unless the client addresses this issue.

The client’s background includes: Age: 27 years old Partner’s age: 28 years old White-collar professional M. Ed. in sports physiology Employed at present job for 3 years Upper-low to low-medium income Parents living, semitraditional/nonusers Health good, somewhat stressed but not sure why Bilingual, but ashamed to use outside of parents home Active past spiritual/religious orientation and past practices, but not now nor in the past 2 years Military experience and war experience Problems sleeping/intrusive thoughts for 8 months Occasional confusion and difficulty tracking conversations

Answer the following about this client: What are the cultural issues? What are the issues of everyday life? Can these be differentiated? What are the questions you need to start asking to gain a full picture of the client? What are the treatment strategies that will benefit the client given the information you find?



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