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Page 182, Problem #8 Processing. Write a program to create an inventory file interactively, prompting the user for input (i.e., you should code DISPLAY ‘ENTER PART-NO” before ACCEPT PART-NO). For purposes of this Programming Assignment, assume that QTY-ON-HAND is a numeric field with integers only (i.e., there are no decimal positions) and that UNIT-PRICE is a dollars-and-cents field. The format for the inventory records is as follows:Inventory Record Layout:Field / Size / Type / No. of Decimal Postions (if Numeric)PART-NO / 5 / Alphanumeric /PART-DESCRIPTION / 15 / Alphanumeric /QTY-ON-HAND / 5 / Numeric / 0UNIT-PRICE / 5 / Numeric /2—————-I need the : 1- Cobol Coding/Output files2- Flowchart/PsuedocodeI need it in max 5 hours

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