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OutlineExample Name  (heading insingle-space)classtype of assignmentdateMarijuana Blues[1]Life is beautiful [2]–source[3]Keep it simple and to the point; give an example of aneighborhood friend who was arrested for MJ possession; and how that ruined hislife. In other words, just simply tell someone’s story—one that will help youpre-frame, or contextualize your argument in more human terms; for example,simply say here that you will find a story of someone arrested for simplepossession and how that created a big bump in the road for them. Make sure youcorrectly cite that story in your first draft. (Remember, your position statement simply goes at the end of your #1, orstory.) It is time to legalize Marijuana (your #2). (body in double-space, butdo not triple-space between paragraphs and between sub-headings.)Wasteof Resources (probably your strongest reason)Arrests for simple possession set off a wasteful chain: Thepolice have better things to do with their time. Court systems are alreadyover-burdened. Choice  Everyone deserves the right to choose. The Constitutionsupports individual choice. Tax BenefitsWith legalization, every State can tax the sales. Taxrevenue will greatly enhance the State’s budget.Gateway?Many people claim that once you start smoking MJ you willthen go on to do hard drugs; that is not true. Alcohol or prescription drugs are the true gateway drugs.Sendsthe Wrong Message? Some argue[4]that our young people would be especially at risk since they might feel it isok to start experimenting with MJ before the age of eighteen; but young peoplehave already received the hypocritical message against MJ  use and they have made up their minds. Weneed to stop underestimating their ability to critically think about issues.And besides, the states’ will restrict purchase to 21 and older.PublicSafety?Some claim that our public transportation will be at greatrisk for accidents and even mid-air collisions because pilots and bus-driversmay still be under the influence of MJ; no one would want our public servantsto be under the influence of any substance, even MJ, but we can easilyinstitute safeguards and use the current laws and similar restrictions toprotect public safety. We already have a simple testing device that measuresthe THC in nanograms.LookingForwardJust like our friend, John (the subject of your earlier,Engage the Reader, story), we need to have a common sense approach to marijuanalaws. The people have spoken, and they want a reasonable marijuana law thatremoves the current hypocrisy. It is time for a new and more pragmaticapproach.Remember,your outline is not a pro/conlisting; for your counter-argument section, your #4, you need to fully andfairly present your chosen objections/questions first, and then you must respond, or counter them.Sub-headings or section headings:  You must use sub-headings for the outline,the First draft and the Final draft; use judiciously and effectively.Sub-headings must be in bold, keep the same-size and style font, do notunderline, do not add end punctuation (except in your counter-argumentsub-heading).Use bolded sub-titles for your Outline, your First Draft, and foryour Final paper.Overviewof the First Draft and of the Final paper:Remember, your main purpose for all papers is to be taken seriously! Your purpose isnot to preach, not to evaluate, not to lecture, and not to moralize.Make sure you have the required body pages: three to fivefor the First Draft and five to six pages of body for the Final Paper.Do not use first-person. The only exception is using anillustration of something you experienced (for example, using a relative whostruggled with end of life problems, if your topic is the Right to Die). Avoidthe  danger of using first-person forargumentative or analysis patterns.Do not include titles or articles or books in your paperbody; only include a brief title of the author (to establish credentials). Use the Modern Language Association (MLA) citation systemfor the first paper; typically, the second paper will be in the Chicagocitation system.Use Times New Roman and size 12.Do not triple-space between paragraphs.Use the standard one inch margins.Avoid passive voice.Do not manually include footnotes or endnotes: use thesoftware Word program’s insertion of footnotes or endnotes.Avoid repetition (do not keep repeating the main point; donot repeat the paraphrase or integrated quote).Need a decent title (not a topic title or position statementtitle). But remember, do use a simple topic title for the submission title;this will allow other classmates to quickly identify each paper topic.Need an opening quote that will pre-frame and later resonatewith your argument; use only italics for the opening quote, double-dash, then,source (non-italics). But do not use italics when quoting a source in your paperbody—use quotation marks there.[1]Get a decent title, one that will pre-frame, and later resonate, your position;do not use a “topic title” and do not use a question as a title.[2]For example, a good opening quote for legalizing same-sex marriage would be thefollowing: We deserve to experience lovefully, equally, without shame, and without compromise—Ellen Page[3] (http://www.brainyquote.com/ is a goodsource for your opening quote/s)[4]This general signal phrase is perfectly fine for the outline, but when youstart writing your First Draft (and later, your Final Paper) you must use anactual source to introduce your objection.

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