Organizations Assignments

This assignment needs to be done on the organization called The Jewish Board and the website is There’s 2 parts.

Part 1 

An organization’s website and social media are the ways they engage with the external environment. Through careful examination of the website, social media platforms, and any available online reports, compile the following information about the organization you chose in Module 1. Support your answers with examples from the website.

What about this website made an impact on you as a potential employee? What kind of an impact might this website and social media have on a

Current employee?

Prospective client?

Current client?

Potential funder?

Current founder?

What does the way the website present the stakeholders say about the organization’s approach to difference and diversity?

What are some of the implications of this assessment when organizations are thinking about engagement? Support your answer with citations to class readings.

Part 2

1.Using the information you have collected about your organization in Module 1, identify what kind of organization it is and the rationale for your choice, including why you rejected the other choices

2. Identify what theoretical approach may best explain the management style and give concrete examples from your assessment and the theory chosen to justify your answer.

3. Were you able to identify any characteristics that would suggest this is an empowerment organization? In your assessment, is this an empowerment organization?

Please write 3 pages for this assessment.

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