Organizational Intervention Assignment


Task 2. Watch the video The Fate of Families After Welfare ( 

Answer the following questions: 

a.Identify the theory of change that was driving welfare-to-work programs. 

b.Based on what you observed, did welfare-to-work achieve its goals? 

c.What factors suggest that the working hypothesis (theory of change) of welfare-to-work needs to be adjusted? 

d.Identify three goals that would extend the working hypothesis (theory of change) to account for the adjustment factors to welfare-to-work programs you identified in the video. 

Task 3. Take the first goal you identified in Organizational Intervention Assignment 2 (d). Break this goal into a series of outcomes that when met, will signify the goal has been achieved. Identify the indicators that illustrate this outcome has been met.

Please write a 4 page total response to answer all three questions. 

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