Online Due 4/10/19

eek 4 Person centered vs. Gestalt

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Think critically about the apparent stark differences between person-centered therapy and Gestalt therapy. Then choose one of the concepts on the list below and discuss its application person-centered therapy. How is this applied drastically differently in person-centered therapy as compared to Gestalt? In what ways does it appear to be wholly present in person-centered therapy and not in Gestalt?

When responding to your classmates, identify how the concept your classmate chose might actually be present and useful in Gestalt therapy after all, albeit in a less obvious way. Empathy Genuineness Unconditional positive regard Immediacy Actualizing tendency

eek 4 Motivational Interviewing

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Watch the video: Motivational Interviewing: Facilitating change across boundaries and read the section on MI in the textbook.

Then consider a difficult change that you have attempted in your own life. Summarize 2 research findings that Dr. Miller presented about the effectiveness of MI in the video and relate them to your own change process.

Finally, how might motivational interviewing assumptions and techniques potentially influence your work as a professional counselor?

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