NO PLAGIARISM&nbspPaper should be formatted as&nbsp12 point, Tim

NO PLAGIARISM Paper should be formatted as: 12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced.Topic:The Roman Empire occupied a significant portion of the world and its demise literally brought about the end of an era. Alexander’s empire, though much shorter, also had significant impact on human history. The Mongols, Persians, British, Spanish, French, Germans, English, and Russians also had their turns at establishing empires. Many consider the United States today as an imperial power. What factors contribute to an empire’s rise and what contributes to its fall? What makes an empire stable and long-lasting? What makes one unstable and short-lived?Keep in mind that this is the pre-modern world history time period. (so think of BCE period )All parts of the essay need to be answered, with NO PLAGIARISM, and be atleast 3 pages long or you wont get paid.

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