need a customized and coded professional website made from s

need a customized and coded professional website made from scratch andwith my own domain name no website builder programs. Only from scratchin coded.I want 5 tabs one for home, ask the tutor, one-on-one tutoring payments, and contact us​This is a tutoring page so it has to be user friendly and not complicated so clients don’t get confused. The home page has to grab the attention of student from k-graduate school that’s what the website is aimed towards.  Iwant the ask the tutor tab to be set up like study pool questions howtutors can see all of the questions in links and can select whatquestion they want to answer but only paid questions I need PayPal linked to it as well so clients can pay for each serviceThe contact us page will have an email and phone number listed as wellIneed this to be perfect in order for my business to succeed and I wantit to show as one of the top websites that comes up on search engineswhen tutor is typed in the search engine box  I have the business name and slogan when we agree to everything  Ifit’s created off a template I will not accept it only from scratch and abrand new domain name with no website builder I want my own website name

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