&nbspWeek 4 Lab – The Laplace Transform&nbspSignals and System T

 Week 4 Lab – The Laplace Transform Signals and System Theory & Lab Lab4 – The Laplace Transform Watch video entitled “Module 4 – Laplace Transform in MATLAB”
Work the two problems below.Include answers for Problems and include MATLAB coding along with any output plots that support solutions into a Word document entitled “Lab4_StudentID”.  Where your student id is substituted in the file name.
Upload file “Lab4_StudentID”.Activity 1:Work the problems at the end of Chapter 3: Problems 3.31(b), 3.32(a), and 3.32(b) using MATLAB.Activity 2:A linear time-invariant continuous-time system has the impulse response below:h(t) =[cos 2t + 4 sin 2t]u(t) 1.     Determine the transfer function H(s) of the system.  Use the Laplace transform pairs table for this. 2.     Plot the system impulse response using Matlab. 3.     The input, x(t) is defined as  for x ≥ 0.  Find X(s) using the tables.     4.     Compute the output response Y(s). 5.     Compute y(t) using the Laplace Transform pairs and plot y(t).

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