&nbspTop of Form&nbspc Top of FormFor this weeks case study, I

 Top of Form c Top of FormFor this week’s case study, I wanted to focus your attention on a video (provided in Course Content) that reflects how Asian values (saving face, filial piety, respect of elders, etc.) might look in an Asian family. The video is from a show called “Fighting Spiders” which is a series based in Singapore. Here’s a little background story: Sherry, who is the older sister of Annie and who raised Annie after their parents died, wants Annie to marry into a well-to-do family. She was able to encourage Annie and a doctor named Dr. Simon to get together. Dr. Simon and Annie have been dating and eventually become engaged. This made Sherry happy as not only would Annie have financial security, so would Sherry. Sherry has been involved with the wedding preparations, and although Sherry is excited about the wedding, Annie has been feeling hesitant especially as Dr. Simon has been exhibiting molesting behaviors with her. Dr. Simon rapes Annie and the video begins right after the incident (nothing is shown but implied).Pay particular attention to the Asian values that are presented and refer back to the article: Kim, B. S. K., Atkinson, D. R., & Umemoto, D. (2001). Asian cultural values and the counseling process: Current knowledge and directions for future research. The Counseling Psychologist, 29(4), 570-603.Using the provided video, pay attention to the time codes to watch for specific things:00:00-01:00 – just after the implied rape and you’ll see Dr. Simon’s controlling behavior01:00-01:32 – ignore these scenes (another subplot in the series)01:32-02:12 – Annie’s grieving over the rape and telling Sherry about it; view Sherry’s expression after Annie made the police comment at 2:1202:17 – Sherry minimizing Annie’s rape and emphasizing Simon as fiancé (minimizing the shame of the rape)02:32 – Sherry trying to empathize with Annie02:53 – view Sherry’s expression again03:10 – “What would others think if we called off the wedding now?” (saving face)04:39 – “After all the things I’ve done for you…” (filial piety – this typically applies to parents but could apply to older siblings, caretakers) Keeping in mind the above subplot, imagine Sherry coming to see you for advisement/consultation over Annie’s reaction to the rape. She still hopes Annie will realize that Dr. Simon can be a good husband. What do you feel are the counseling considerations that have to be made in a case like this? How would you go about working with Sherry? Based upon what she could share with you as far as the presenting problem and keeping in mind Asian/Asian-American cultural values, what do you feel would be the specific challenges for you in helping her and what might be your reactions to her? Please think carefully about your answers as you’ll need to provide more than just a ‘textbook’ answer. Remember Sherry is coming to see you and not Annie.250-300 words please

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