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 this is the first discussion question 200-250 wordsThe Theories Paved the WayThrough your readings, you have learned about the developmental theories of Piaget, Vygotsky, and Erikson.Choose one of the theorists and give a brief summary of the developmental theory.Describe the relationship between that theory and play.Apply the theory to your interactions with children.Provide a specific example of how you can use this theory to promote a child’s development of cognitive, language, physical, social, and emotional skills during play.  i have the reference this class          this is the second discussion question and tips for this class and here is the tips on how she want it Let’s be sure of the directions.  I’ll also include a suggested format to ensure that all parts of the question are answered.In Paragraph 1, you will want to identify the title of the book you have selected.  If you would like to give a brief overview of the book’s content, that would be fine, too, as it may provide clarity for your classmates; but it is not required.  In this paragraph, you will also identify three of the activities listed in the question that you would implement in your classroom.  You are also required to give a specific example of how you will implement the activities.  You would not get credit for saying that you would let the children use puppets; but you would get credit for explaining how and why the use of puppets is an appropriate way to implement the specific activity.  Here’s an example:I might choose the book ‘The Rainbow Fish’ which teaches children about sharing, among other things.  I would not get credit if I said, ‘After reading the book, I will let the children visit the classroom aquarium for exploratory play.’ I would get credit if I said, ‘After reading the book, I will allow students to visit the classroom aquarium in the exploratory play center so that they can observe the fish and learn how real fish are similar to and different from the make-believe fish in the book.’  You can see that just visiting the aquarium does not explain how the activity fits into the concept of exploratory play; but explaining what the children will be expected to do in the center does fit the concept.  In paragraph 2, you will discuss three ways in which you could create a group activity or conduct group time around the story.  The key word ‘Discuss’ indicates that you should have several sentences explaining what you will do in the group activity and how you will conduct the group time.In paragraph 3, you will share specific standards from your state which support the activities you selected.  Please share how the standards provide support rather than just listing standards.It is a requirement that the initial post be in the 200 – 250 word range.  This word count will help you to be sure that your content is well developed.  In addition, be sure to cite your sources with both in-text citations as well as a reference notation at the end of the post.  You will also want to be sure to proofread for complete sentences, spelling, subject-verb agreement, and other elements of mechanics.    MY STATE IS MississippiDiscussionThere are many important and similar types of common activities in early childhood programs today. It is most effective for the experiences to be child-directed with positive outcomes. Six of the most common activities are:Exploratory playGuided discoveryProblem SolvingDiscussionsDemonstrationsDirect InstructionSelect a developmentally appropriate picture book. Choose at least three of the above-listed activities and share specific examples of how you would implement them in your classroom.Discuss three ways in which you could create a group time around the story.Identify what standards from your state support these activities. i need reference for this class

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