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 REL DQ’Noble Action, Sacred Call, or Desire’  Please respond to three [3] of the following after reviewing the material and the Instructor’s Insights (you must include specific information from Instructor’s Insights for full credit):Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy? Why does it incorporate so well into other religions and lifestyles? Many religious people from Abraham to Jesus to Mother Teresa forsake their family for the greater calling. Does Siddhārtha Gautama’s quest to find enlightenment fall under the category of noble action, sacred call, or desire? Discuss how his decision to leave his family would be received in today’s culture. Try sitting meditation for a week. See if you can count to ten without becoming distracted. Name some Buddhist celebrities. (Hint: some like President Bill Clinton just practice meditation and don’t really ascribe to all Buddhist tenets)  ·         World View Chart Assignment  ENG DQ’Evaluating Web Sources and Identifying the Audience’  Please respond to the following:Identify three (3) Websites that you plan to use for your research on a paper to convince. When evaluating, think of yourself as an investigative reporter who is checking the claims of a politician who used the sources in his or her proposed bill. Identify the Website and its URL.  Use only credible sources like .org, .gov or .edu sources. .com sources, blogs, webMD, ask.com and Wikipedia are NOT credible for the academic classroom.  When in doubt ask.Evaluate each Website regarding the following: Targeted audience Updating of information Use of professional peer reviews Information’s accuracy, relevance, and thoroughness Week 3 Assignment 2

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