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     Project Metrics  I need help with below. No plagiarism, no work cited from Wikipedia. Must cite all references, APA style, due 08/15 /16.    Read Chapter 14 of your textbook, Project management: A systems approach to planning, scheduling and controlling.  Click on the attached link to discover, there are several risks (Financial Risks, Development Risks, Political Risks, Organizational Risks, and Execution Risks) that must be considered to understand project financing. Select two of the five risks and provide a mitigation report for each risk identified. What is a mitigation report? It is still an APA formatted paper that describes how you make plans to offset a risk before it happens. There is nothing special about calling it a mitigation report. It is still your normal APA paper with the subject being mitigation reporting. In the Critical Thinking, the assignment directs you to Chapter 14. In particular, page 727 of your text is the place to start. You will find a list of those things that impact each area of risk. Your mitigation report should clearly describe how to overcome the risk in question. For example, if you chose political risks, specifically “terrorism and war” as is listed on page 727, and you were concerned with financing projects, one mitigation strategy might be to secure third party insurance to protect the organization, or the project specifically. So, you can see how the political risk of terrorism and war might lead an organization to take out insurance against a project to protect the company financially. Find other risks to consider and what you would actively do in advance of the risk to financially protect the company. Article is attacehd      Attachments: pjm535_page727.pdf

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