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     pls follow the instructions. I attched four assessments, 3 team members and 1 for me.  Assume you are the manager of your learning team and need to develop a plan that will address the characteristics of your group and yourself as the leader. This plan can be used to determine the needs of the learning team and is a tool for members to assess their skills, strengths, areas needing improvement, and the resources needed to help them reach their career goals. Use each Learning Team member’s DiSC assessment results completed. Develop a combined DiSC chart of your Learning Team members for use in developing this paper. Based on the individual assessments, what are the characteristics of your team? Create a professional development plan to address the characteristics of the Learning Team members both individually and as a group and your ability to lead them:   Required Elements: No more than 1400 wordsFormatyour paper consistent with APA guidelinesEvaluate the individuals, including yourself, and the group based on the DiSC assessment.NOTE: attached are the copies of Individual DISC assessments. Rubric for grading  Evaluated strengths and weaknesses of team and self based upon DiSC asssessment results(50%)    Created leadership development plans(50%)   The paper is organized in a logical and coherent manner. Transitions are used to improve flow.(100%)   Valid research is used to appropriately support the content. References to sources are used when required. Attachments: israelselfreport.pdf team_member_1.pdf team_member_2.pdf team_member_3.pdf

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