PARENTING’ THE WAYS THAT IT IMPACTS CHILDREN AND THE WAYS IT CONTINUES TO AFFECT THEM IN THE WORKFORCE. Literature Review from peer review articles a continuation from the last paper Research Topic:Purpose of the Study:Overarching Research Question or Theory:Specific Research Questions/ Philosophical Underpinnings:Methodological Approach and Rationale:Ethical IssuesThe purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate how the research question informs the choice of methodology. Formulate your research question or theory (for some qualitative work) and identify which type of methodological approach would best answer your question: Quantitative, Qualitative or Mixed Methods. Explain your choice. What are your thoughts about Parenting if it impacts children even when they are adults in the workforce check rationale for not obtaining informed consent?If the value of the research seems to be greater than the risks involved to participants, do you think researchers are justified in not obtaining the informed consent of participants?What Parenting approach would meet the criteria?What advice would you give the researcher  about informed consent and how to deal with study participants?APA, double spaced, citations, 10 pages

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