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 one- to two-page (250 word) paperStep 1 Consider the scenario.University X is considering implementing a rule that requires all first-year students to purchase an Apple iPad to take classes and use newly purchased software in classrooms. The proposed rule is being met with support from some, but resistance from others.Step 2 Analyze the problem in the scenario using the steps in the critical thinking process:Consider multiple perspectives and recognize assumptions: Consider the issue from the following perspectives: a school administratoran instructor of a marketing classa studenta parentWhat might these people feel about the proposed rule, and why? What assumptions or biases do the groups have? What may be affecting their viewpoints?Evaluate the evidence and merits of each perspective: How would you seek to evaluate the evidence and merits of each perspective from the scenario above? What specific things would you do to assess the reliability of the evidence?Draw a conclusion: Looking at the viewpoints you discussed, if you were an outside consultant who was asked to make a decision about the proposed rule, what would you decide, and why?Step 3 Write a short paper.Write a short (250 word) paper describing the three steps of the critical thinking process you have just examined. Determine how each part of the critical thinking process relates to the others and to the overall concept of critical thinking.Step 4 Save and submit your assignment.When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.Grading Requirements:Item:Points:1.  Addressed three parts of the critical thinking process -Consider multiple perspectives-Evaluate the evidence of each perspective-Draw a conclusion45 points (15 points for each part)2.  Wrote three (3) separate paragraphs30 points (10  points each)3.  Spelling and Grammar – Please write complete sentences. Check your grammar and spelling.25 pointsAssignment total:100 points

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