&nbsp&nbspPlease answer each question as they relate to psychology

  Please answer each question as they relate to psychology. Please reference and APA format. Each question should be answered 1.What are the relative contributions of neural growth versus experience to children’s intellectual development?  2. What are the different subcomponents of intelligence? 3. J. E. Hunter and R. F. Hunter (1984) report that ability measures like IQ are better predictors of job performance than academic grades. Why might be this be so? A potentially relevant fact is that the most commonly used measure of job performance is supervisor ratings. 4. Does the fact that cognitive psychologists study their own thought processes create any special opportunities or challenges? Is there any difference between a scientists studying a mental system like memory versus a bodily system like digestion? 5. Who designed the first electroencephalograph  (EEG) and how is it being used today. Breifly explain a little history)6. Why is it silly to go all the way in a reductionist program and attempt something like explaining economic behavior in terms of particle physics

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