&nbsp&nbspAssignment Questions&nbspQuestions numbers should be clear

  Assignment Questions: Questions numbers should be clearly mentioned. The steps required to solve each question clearly shown.Solve All questions: 1If  and , find(a)​​(b)​(c)​​(d)​(e)​ ​(f)​            (g)​​(h)​ 2Find w, x, y and z so that​ 3.(a) (b)  4.Given that              .Find the value of x and y.5.An amount was invested in a bank account that pays an interest of 12%. After how long will the investment take to increase by half its original value? 6.OMR 65000 will be invested for 6 years 9 months. If the investment will be offered 5% compounded semi-annually for the first 2 years, 6% compounded monthly for the next 18 months and 7% compounded daily for the rest of the period, find the future value of this investment. 7.Khalid had a 120-day note for R.O.5000 with interest at 6%. The maturity date of the note was 5 May 1995. On 23 April 1995. David discounted the note at 7%. Findi) The date of the noteii) The maturity value of the noteiii) The discountiiii) The proceeds 8.Company ABC offers a series discount of 20%, 10% and 4% on a type of water filter while company XYZ offers a single discount of 32% on the same type of water filter. Which company offers a greater discount on its merchandise assuming the list price is the same? 9.Camel Enterprise purchased a number of bags at RM80 each. The shop wants a 50% markup on the selling price. Soon after, the shop launched a sale and marked down the price of the bags by 20%. For each bag,i) Find the selling price before markdownii) Find the selling price during the sale.iii) What is the total gross profit received by the shop if 1500 bags were sold? 10.Find and solve the problem related to application of linear inequalities from any references. Note that: Make sure that your problem is different from other students. If same, 5 marks will be deducted.

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