&nbspLBST 4800 Paper Guidelines &nbsp&nbsp&nbspESSAY TOPIC Broken Engli

 LBST 4800 Paper Guidelines    ESSAY TOPIC: Broken English, Ebonics etc., why should it be allowed and incorporated in the classroom for K-12   1) Opening ·         What is your main research topic?  ·         What is the main issue that brought you to the topic?  .  ·         What is your main thesis?  o   What are you saying in regards to the topic?  §  This should be an outgrowth of: agree, disagree, or agree to a certain extent with the research you have already been working with.    2) They Say ·         Who are the interlocutors in your research project?  o   Summarize to the class the position of each scholarly article that you found on library research day. Explain their main arguments.  o   Be sure to describe both positions. What do they argue?   3) I Say  ·         Do you agree, disagree, or somewhat agree/disagree with the interlocutors you have picked out? Why?  o   Describe to the class what position you are taking and defend it—explain why you think you are right. What evidence do you have to suggest that you are correct?  o   This will require providing your own original research that will support what you are arguing.  ·         Plant a naysayer o   What is one possible objection that someone could have to what you are saying? ·         Respond to the Objection o   How would you respond to the objection    4) Why it Matters?  ·         Explain why this topic matters- this could involve a linking back to the news item or contemporary implications for the project. Answer the so what? question.   5) Conclusion  ·         Close your presentation by discussing your main thesis once again and how you have supported it.

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