&nbspFigure 3-2 on page 213 talks about serving middle-class co

 Figure 3-2 on page 213 talks about serving middle-class consumers in emerging economies. Right after our class, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled ‘India embraces luxury as China turns cool’ which can be accessed via http://www.wsj.com/articles/india-embraces-luxury-as-china-turns-cool-1440720657.(If you can’t open the full article, here is the trick: copy the article title and paste it into the Google address bar and search, then click on the search result to access the Wall Street Journal.)Task: The article (the link) discusses how luxury brands try to attract Indian wealthy households. Although middle-class consumers can not afford such luxurious items, their purchasing power is hard to ignore. What do you think Indian middle-class consumers are looking for? Provide a couple of examples. Use the model to identify the strategies to cater to Indian middle-class consumers.I need 2 paged, about 600 words.

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