&nbspCompare/Contrast – 3 health related issues between 2 cul

 Compare/Contrast – 3 health related issues between 2 cultures – things we should know to provide culturally competent care…●Example:    United States   Versus Canada                                    Laws on Immunization                                   Death and Dying                                   Diabetes                    Catholic Faith  versus  Jewish Faith                                  Death and Dying                                  Birth Process                                   How is illness perceivedWhat needed for the paper Needs to be in APA formatNeeds to be double spacedNeeds to have had spell check and grammar check completed Use Purnell’s model to give you some ideas.. Nutrition, Health Beliefs, family dynamics…who is the leader of the family and how does that relate to health care?……and moreThis paper shouldn’t be more than 2-3 pages for the body…remember, it’s double spaced…..

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