&nbspAbortion Law and Pertinent Court cases&nbspThe argument for a

 Abortion Law and Pertinent Court cases The argument for and against abortion. Using court cases as research; Case of Roe v. Wade and others In the paper, students need to present research and also draw and support a conclusion about the topic. Research papers must be objective in the presentation of the content. The final product represents an authentic demonstration of competency because students select their own topics appropriate to the course content and objectives, conduct independent research with minimal supervision from their professor, and create finished papers that meet all of the established criteria. Make sure you have an analysis of how the efforts of the Framers of the Constitution helped to solve political problems like the one you’re presenting. I know that it is a newer issue, but see if you can find some linkages in the readings to the thoughts of the Framers. Final Research Paper: You will submit a final research paper that will include:    Cover page   Abstract  Title page   Thesis statement  Body of paper between 6 and 8 pages in length   Citation/reference page, 5 to 6 scholarly references.

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