&nbsp These are two different stories and one poem.Hands by She

  These are two different stories and one poem.Hands by Sherwood Anderson is on page 265, The man who was  almost a man  by Richard Wright on page 899 and the poem., the fingers make early flowers of is by E. E Cummings on page 638.  PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY.MIDTERMESSAY EXAMENGLISH 2328DAIGLEPLEASE ATTACH YOUR ESSAY TO THE ASSIGNMENT DROPBOX ON THE HOME PAGE. PLEASEATTACH AS A WORD FILE (OR .RTF). General Instructions: Write an essay of at least 750 words (includingquotations from the poems and short stories that you use as support) on ONE ofthe numbered topics below. If you use sources in your response (even those Ihave provided for you), be sure to cite them, using MLA format. Quotations fromthe textbook require only a page number. You should choose different poems orshort stories than those you used in your reading responses for Volume D. Thethree examples should be by different authors.  All stories and poems must come fromVolume D of the textbook. To prepare for the midterm, you will need to read the introduction to Volume D,’American Literature Between the Wars: 1914-1945,’ especially thefollowing sections: ‘American Versions of Modernism’  (D:13-16)  and ‘Modernism Abroad and On Native Grounds’  (D:16-18).The midterm will require you toapply ideas from the introduction to specific short stories (fiction) orpoems written during this time period (1914-1945). This does not includeessays (non-fiction prose). ·  You may choose short stories or poems by the writers that Iassigned for the reading responses, as long as you choose different poems orshort stories (fiction) than you chose for your reading responses. ·  Here are a few of the writers (from Volume D) I would haveincluded in the course if there had been more time: Amy Lowell (imagist poet),Wallace Stevens (poet), T. S. Eliot (poet), E. E. Cummings (poet), John DosPassos (fiction writer), Ernest Hemingway (fiction writer), Thomas Wolfe(fiction writer), John Steinbeck (fiction writer).·  To help you choose, you may find it useful to read thebiographical introductions to the writers since most of these introductionsdiscuss the author’s work in a general way.·  Although you may use authors that you have already respondedto, reading other authors is a good way to expand your knowledge and createoriginal responses. If you use some of the same authors, be sure to choosedifferent poems or stories. ·All reading selections must come from Volume D. If you donot have the textbook, please check the table of contents provided on thesyllabus.The paper should be in essay form with anintroduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion (not a collection ofreading responses–no sub-headings). You should use quotations from the reading selectionsas support for your general ideas. Your examples must show that you haveread the literature that you are discussing, not just the author’sbiography. Do not use long poems or novels as examples, since I want you to discuss the reading selectionsspecifically, not just a short part of a longer work. Do not use TheWaste Land by T. S. Eliot.A brief overview isn’t adequate. Again, you must showthat you read the selection (poem or story) carefully. WRITEABOUT ONLY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING TOPICS.  1. In the section called ‘Modernism Abroad and On Native Grounds,’the editors say that ‘[m]any writers chose to identify themselves with theAmerican scene and to root their work in specific regions’ of the country (D:17) (1188). Discuss at least three poems or short stories (fiction) bythree different authors that chose to focus on a particular part of the UnitedStates. In your paper, you should show how these writers combine modernism andregionalism. You may wish to use quotations from this introductory material,but you should also use quotations from the literature (poems or stories)themselves. (Note: Usually the phrase ‘specific regions’ means partsof the U. S. away from urban literary centers–the West, Midwest, South, NewEngland, etc.) This section includes many examples, so you may want tochoose three of them (see D: 17).The section called ‘AmericanVersions of Modernism’ (D: 13-16) will help you choose writers to include.2. During the 1920’s AfricanAmerican writers began to make significant contributions to Americanliterature, especially during the Harlem Renaissance. Choose at least threepoems or fiction from this literary movement to discuss, perhaps applyingthe ideas in Langston Hughes’ essay The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain (D: 348-50)  or from the discussion in thetextbook introduction. Many of the writers of the Harlem Renaissance are alsomodernists, so you may wish to quote from one or more of the modernistmanifestos as well. (Note: ‘How It Feels to Be Colored Me’ is anessay, not a short story, so it doesn’t count as fiction, though you may use itto illustrate an idea that does appear in fiction or poetry.)Useful quotation from the introduction to Volume D: The HarlemRenaissance sparked arguments between those who wanted to claim membership inthe culture at large and those who wanted to stake out a separate artisticdomain; between those who wanted to celebrate rural African American lifewaysand those committed to urban intellectuality; between those who wanted to jointhe American mainstream and those who, disgusted by American race prejudice,aligned themselves with worldwide revolutionary movements; between those whocelebrated a ‘primitive’ African heritage and those who rejected theidea as a degrading stereotype. (D: 8)See D: 7-8 for a discussion ofchanges for African Americans during this time period (the Great Migration outof the South, the gathering of artists, musicians, and writers in Harlem in the1920s, the publication of two major journals of opinion, The Crisis and Opportunity).3. Define modernism, usingquotations from the introduction to Volume D of The Norton Anthology ofAmerican Literature or fromone of the Modernist Manifestos (D: 335-350).  Then, apply yourdefinition to at least three reading selections (poetry or fiction),using quotations from the reading selections that reveal the work’s (poem orstory) modernist attributes. Each reading selection should be by a differentwriter. Please note that the manifestos do not qualify as poetry or fiction,though it’s fine to use them as part of your discussion of modernism. You muststill have three examples that are fiction or poetry (not non-fiction prose). ‘Some writers rejoiced whileothers lamented; some anticipated future utopias while others believed thatcivilization had collapsed; but the period’s most influential voices believedthat old forms would not work for new times, and were inspired by thepossibility of creating something entirely new’ (D: 6). (Everythingfollowing this quotation will help you write your essay.)This quotation seems important:’At the heart of high modernist aesthetic lay the conviction that thepreviously sustaining structures of human life, whether social, political,religious, or artistic, had been destroyed or shown up as falsehoods, or, atbest, arbitrary and fragile human constructions’ (D: 14).4. Women writers also became moreprominent during this time, despite the fact that ‘to some extent, malemodernists tried to define their movement by defining women out of it'(1082, 6th edition). In the 7th  edition, the editors assert that’the increasing prominence[of women writers]. . . generated a backlashfrom some male modernists, who asserted their own artistic seriousness byidentifying women writers with the didactic, popular writing against which they[male writers] rebelled’ (1189). Discuss at least three poems or shortstories by three different women writers, showing how their work fits into theliterary trends of the era. You may use Mina Loy’s ‘FeministManifesto’ as background material if you wish, but it isn’t a poem orshort story, so it doesn’t count as one of the three. See D: 7 for a discussion of changesfor women.Note: In previous semesters, several students have had to rewrite their essaysbecause they didn’t follow instructions regarding their choices of poetry andfiction (short stories). I hope that you will ask questions about the assignedtopics so that I can help you before you write your essay.

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