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  Pages:1, Single spacedSources:1Order type:Essay Subject:Criminology Academic level:UndergraduateStyle: APALanguage:English (U.S.) Order DescriptionTo the writer see below what the paper is about:To increase your knowledge of the field, imagine that you are the headof your county EMS agency. You want everyone in your area to use theSTART method of triage. You have been given the opportunity to speak atyour next district EMS meeting, which the heads of area EMS agencieswill attend. This is your big chance! Prepare a paper outlining whatSTART is, what it does, and why your area EMS agencies should all adoptthe same system for use in the event of major disasters or the use ofWMD by terrorists. Remember, the better your paper, the better yourpresentation. (You may include charts, graphs, etc. in your paper.)This assignment must be a neat, professional presentation of two to fourtyped, double-spaced pages on this subject. Proper punctuation,spelling, and usage of grammar are required.

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